Dry Laundry Faster

  • Spindel spins at 2800rpm – double the spin power of most washing machines
  • Removing up to 80% of moisture from laundry in just 3 minutes (see guide here)
  • So you can:

o   Air dry in a fraction of the time,
o   Iron certain fabrics immediately,
o   Or run a much shorter cycle in the tumble dryer

spindel product

Save energy

  • Uses 100 times less electricity than tumble drying
  • No hanging space? Spindel can reduce your tumble dryer cycle time and energy costs by up to 70%
Compare Spindel to tumble dryers


Preserve fabrics

  • No heat damage, stretching or shrinking
  • Safe for all fabrics – even hand washed delicates such as woollen jerseys
  • Removes residual detergents that can damage fabrics, fade colours and cause skin allergies



It has really made a huge difference. My bath sheet was the best, I got about 500ml extra water out, couldn’t believe it! My Spindel is my new best friend, love it.
Louise du Plessis
After using my Spindel for a few months and I can’t imagine being without it. My clothes are now dry in no time and all the detergents are sucked out of them making them feel softer and gentler on my family’s skin. It also makes washing day faster and easier.
SB Marshall
With endless kid’s laundry to dry, Spindel has been a lifesaver for me. The laundry dries so much faster, I save electricity and no longer have that horrible damp smell in my fabrics. I initially thought the Spindel would be a luxury, but now I can’t do without it!
Anita Nesbit
Ek het nou heeltemal bederf geraak met die Spindel en weet nie hoe ek, sommer noudie dag nog, deur die moeilike wasdae gekom het nie.
Lou Robertson, Rus ‘n Bietjie Gastehuis
Thanks to the Spindel, I am able to extract all excess moisture directly after a wash and my laundry can be left to dry indoors within less than a day.
Taryn Augoustatos